Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic Pro is a Multi-layerable, clear, liquid nano ceramic coating. When cured this technology will transform itself on the surface to a permanent, rigid, flexible glass shield. Ceramic pro can be described as an additional clear coat with 3 times the hardness and self cleaning properties.

Ceramic Pro protects against wear & minor scratches, oxidation, graffiti & a slew of every day contaminates such as tar, bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap and hard water. After Ceramic pro cures most contaminates can easily be removed with a microfiber towel or gentle wash. Ceramic Pro replaces the need for waxes and sealants, saving you money over time!

Ceramic Pro offers 6 months to lifetime warranties and is Carfax verified, increasing your vehicles resale value! Packages start as low as $350.

CERAMIC PRO Sports Package

CERAMIC PRO Bronze Package

Temporarily Unavailable

CERAMIC PRO Gold Package

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CERAMIC PRO Interior Package


Call for quotes - Most vehicles will need to be inspected prior to quote